Getting your makeup right is not optional. It is part of your over-all look and some airlines are
very strict with that. If you don't have perfect makeup you would get a warning that could
eventually lead to black marks on your record.

The same is true for your interview, please don't turn up with poorly applied makeup. You don't
have to apply a thick layer or use too much colour. Just define your features adequately will

If you're really not that good (and trust me you will be after a year or so of practice) then what I
suggest is on interview day go see a professional. Otherwise, just follow the simple tips below.

You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket initially by buying expensive products. There are
many cheaper options that will do the same job. When you start your career as a Flight Attendant
and bring in your well-deserved paychecks then by all means pamper yourself and splurge on
some luxury cosmetics.

Above are products I use and find them most helpful in my "transformation".

Clockwise from top: MAC Select Sheer pressed powder-NC35 ($30), LANCOME Virtuose mascara ($35),
REVLON Super Lustrous  lipstick-Ginger Rose ($8.95), REVLON ColorStay lipliner/crayon-Rose ($9.95), RED
anti-blemish concealer ($6.50), RIMMEL LONDON eyebrow pencil-001 Dark Brown ($6.90), CUTEX
Quick 'n Go nail polish ($4.75),
BOBBI BROWN eye palette-Nude On Nude ($49), BLISTEX Ultra lip balm
SPF30+ ($3.90)

My simple step-by-step makeup regime

This method works for me and over time with plenty of practice, it can take as little as 15 minutes
for the whole process. Some women may require more steps while others less but I believe that
my routine is simple yet effective.

1. Makeup base

This is optional and certainly not necessary if you're pressed for time. Pressed for time??? You
may ask. Don't laugh even! You'll understand too well what I mean when you get the job! Most
makeup bases work as a “hold” for makeup, helping makeup to stay on longer and at the same
time moisturize the face. However, many facial moisturizers will do almost the same thing.

Flash Balm by Clarins – This product acts as a makeup base for me.
Apply evenly on the whole face and wait for a few minutes before
applying foundation/powder. It also acts as a “perk me up” to make skin
look more radiant.

During the occasional pimple outbreak, I use the
Anti-blemish Concealer by
Red Earth

2. Foundation

Cosmetics companies are constantly improving their products and these days you can purchase
liquid foundation which are not heavy or sticky and you don't have to worry about not applying
evenly as they simply glide on the skin. Some can also feel "barely there". However, if you're not
a fan of liquid foundation, there are many other options on the shelves these days.

Should I choose to use foundation, my personal favourite is
Studio Fix by
Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one that combines good
coverage with easy application. You can say it’s for the lazy women or those
in a hurry. The texture is velvety and provides a very matte finish. Re-
application or touch-up is quick as well.

If I want to use something lighter, I'd go for
MAC Select Sheer pressed
powder which feels "barely there". This is most ideal for those with flawless

3. Eye Brows

Eye brow pencil by RIMMEL LONDON
– My brows are very sparse so this is a must. I was
taught to use a shade or two lighter than my hair colour so I won’t look too fierce. Drawing the
brows takes skill which is developed over time with lots of practice.
Nobody gets it right the first few times and probably need several
attempts at it. Always be careful here as brows that are drawn too
thick look really artificial. Remember to use the brow brush to
remove excessive application and to soften the look.

4. Eye Shadow

I have experimented with the following over the years:

SHISEIDO- If you are fair-skinned, you are one of the lucky ladies as you'll likely
be cool tone. Women with cool tones can use just about any colour they want.
The vibrant and bold blue and purple shades look great on fair skins!

MAC-  These little individual babies are great if you are specific about
which colours to use. They are also easy to carry around in your
cosmetics bag during the times when you just need a colour or two.
However, the bad news is they aren't cheap!

Just make sure you know your skin tone; warm or cool. Mine’s warm so I tend to use colours like
brown, beige and cream. The eye shadow is usually applied from the inner lid to the outer and in
small, light strokes. The first step is to use a lighter colour to apply on the whole eye lid. This acts
as a highlight to make the eye sockets look deeper. Then a darker colour is applied on the
bottom half of the top eye lid (Use double eye lid crease as guide)

Optional: Liquid or pencil eyeliner to “enlarge” eyes.
Eye Contour Gel by Clarins
to prevent puffiness.

5. Mascara

6. Cheeks

RED EARTH Cheeky Flirt Soft Velvet–
This product is
creamy and glides smoothly on cheeks. It will not crack like
some other brands. Once again, choosing the correct colour
is important and it is essential to determine skin tone.

7. Lips

There are 2 things I swear by when it comes to my lips – Lip Balm & Lip Liner.

Lip Balm –
This is essential for moisturizing the lips. There’s nothing uglier than chapped lips.
EEEEWWW! I recommend anything from
Blistex especially the Herbal Answer and Spa

REVLON ColorStay Lip Liner –
This is a great product and best part
is; it’s quite cheap! The liner glides on the lips effortlessly and stays on
for hours! The liner is important firstly to define the lip contours and
secondly to ensure that the lips look good even when the lipstick slowly
disappears. Also, you don't need a pencil sharpener for this; just twist!


Makeup is important in a Flight Attendant’s life. Knowing the correct techniques will
help ensure the makeup is not excessively applied. When applied correctly it can help
to enhance the features on your face, boosting your confidence and making you stand
out in a crowd......which is definitely what you want at a Cabin Crew interview!

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Makeup for Flight Attendants
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For a female Flight Attendant, looking good is expected and
there's nothing more important than properly applied
makeup. Some airlines required their female Cabin Crew to
have strong colours but most just ask them to look pleasant.
Here are some top makeup tips that will have you looking
fantastic for the big interview, party or when you get your
Cabin Crew job
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Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your ebook. I just wanted to let you know that I was
offered a cabin crew position with Jetstar. After reading your book I really felt
informed and confident to answer the questions in the interview. Most of the
questions that were asked were variations of the questions in your book. I
really felt prepared and I cant thank you enough, it was money well spent!

                                                                     - M. McCulloch (13 July 2011)
After trying several brands, I find the most suitable and highly recommended
one to be
HYPNÔSE or VIRTUÔSE by Lancome. This mascara won’t
clump or smudge and allows smooth application. After applying the desired
amount, leave lashes to dry for 5 minutes and then use eyelash curler to
enhance curls.
Women with warm tones would love the nude
colours from
These either hereditary or frequently exposed to
sun darker or olive skins require much less colours.
Hence the nude and brown colours are best!
Lipstick – Good choices are Slimshine by MAC, Sheer Envy by Red
Earth, All-Day Lipstick by Estee Lauder & Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers
by Revlon.
Actually, lipsticks preferences are very subjective, plus there are
so many products in the market. At the end of the day, just choose one that
fits your budget and more importantly one that contains moisturizing
ingredients. When choosing colours, the same skin tone criteria apply.