Insurance-Health/Dental/Life Insurance
- Starts on 1st day of a month after 30 days of full time employment.
- Long Term Disability

401K Plan
-  After first full month of employment and be older then 21

Sick Pay
-  Sick time will accumulate at 2 hours per month. Full time employees are eligible
for sick leave benefits after (6) months of service.

- Paid vacation after 12 months of full time employment.
- After 1 Year - 1 week.
- After 2 Years - 2 Weeks

Travel Privileges
- Employees may elect to Opt-In to the United Travel Program and pay an annual
fee for themselves and their eligibles, which may include a spouse, children and
one set of parents, no in-laws.  If not married you may elect to have an enrolled
friend or Domestic Partner.  Opt-In benefits include Unlimited Free Space Available
coach travel on any United/United Express flight (30 days from date of hire).
- Reduced rate space available passes on other airlines after 3 months of
- Most hotels, cruises and other travel related establishments offer discounts to
airline employees
Airline Cabin salary package/benefits
for New Cabin Crew
Virgin Australia
Airlines are hiring thousands of Flight Attendants
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