The Remuneration package consists of the following: Not stated but would be
similar to Emirates. Ethihad is located in Abu Dhabi which is also in the United
Arab Emirates and about 1.5 hours drive from Dubai

Additional benefits for Cabin Crew working with Etihad Airways are:

  • Company provided free fully furnished shared accommodation
  • Annual 3% performance based salary increment and bonus scheme
  • 30 Calendar Days leave per annum
  • Free annual leave ticket to country of origin
  • Unlimited concession travel subject to seat availability
  • Company provided medical facility and worldwide medical insurance
  • Free 24 / 7 personal accident insurance and life cover
  • Company provided free transportation to and from work
  • Company provided free designer uniform and laundry assistance
  • Discount in numerous restaurant and shops in Abu Dhabi
Airline Cabin salary package/benefits
for New Cabin Crew
Etihad Airlines
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Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your ebook. I just wanted to let you know that I was offered a
cabin crew position with Jetstar. After reading your book I really felt informed and
confident to answer the questions in the interview. Most of the questions that were
asked were variations of the questions in your book. I really felt prepared and I cant
thank you enough, it was money well spent!

                                                                           - M. McCulloch (13 July 2011)

Thank you for making the ebook available for hopefuls like me. I am going for an
interview this coming Saturday. As for now I personally find the book informative and
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                                                                             - Ella (25 May 2011)
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