Cash Elements

Competitive Tax Free Basic Salary – Monthly Starting Salary Dhs 3,915
Your fixed monthly cash payment related to your position and based on the
knowledge and competencies you bring to the role. Salaries are benchmarked for
all employees against relevant Industries and are reviewed on a regular basis to
ensure they remain competitive.

Company Provided Accommodation
You will be provided shared (same gender) furnished company accommodation,
with allocation of your own individual bedroom.

Company Provided Transport/Transport Allowance
A free transport service is provided if you are residing in Company Provided
Accommodation. If you opt to reside outside then a Transport Allowance will be
paid on a monthly basis.

Hourly Flying Pay
On completion of your basic training, an hourly flying pay is paid on the block
hours worked.

Profit Share Scheme
The Company operates a profit share scheme based upon the profit results of the
Company for the financial year. A qualifying period is applicable.

The eligibility of the following benefit is dependant upon the applicant’s unique
personal circumstances:

Exchange Rate Protection Scheme
50% of Basic Salary is protected against adverse exchange rate fluctuations
between the UAE Dirham and your currency classification

Non-Cash Elements

Annual Leave
30 calendar days.

Leave Tickets
Free annual leave tickets are provided to approved leave destinations for the

Personal Life and Accident Insurance

Medical and Dental Provision
A premium is payable by the employee.

The eligibility of the following benefits is dependant upon the applicant’s unique
personal circumstances:

Government Pension Scheme
Eligible UAE National and GCC citizens are enrolled into their respective
Government Pension Scheme, employees and Company

Additional Privileges

• Concessional Travel
A range of ticket options are available for staff and their eligible dependants on
Emirates Airline’s routes which now encompasses over 100 destinations. Some
elements of concessionary travel are available immediately upon joining, but
eligibility for others is subject to completion of a probationary period.

• Emirates Card
By virtue of being an Emirates Group employee you can avail of attractive
discounts at over 100 retail, hotel and leisure outlets in Dubai and the UAE.  
Airline Cabin salary package/benefits
for New Cabin Crew
Emirates Airlines
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