Prepare for the Interview

By now you should have found yourself an interview date (good for you!)
The most important thing now is being prepared.

Stef gives you a good run down of what happens in the
Flight Attendant interview
process in her articles.
How to become a Flight Attendant
A step by step guide to becoming a Flight Attendant The Interview. If you don't know where to start on
your path to this fabulous career or you want to confirm you're doing the right things.
Follow the check list below
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How to look and Dress for the Interview

It's important to look the part and that includes  make-up  and image
Shine in the  Group interview

Of course be yourself and try and relax. Hopefully you have signed up for
you copy of
Cabin crew interview Do's and Don'ts There are lot's of tips

This is a good article to start, describing what
Airlines are looking for in
Flight Attendants.
How to answer Interview Questions

This is the biggest concern with most of the readers.
What questions will they ask in a Flight Attendant Interview and how do I
answer them.

We haver compiled a list of frequently asked
questions and suggested
answers here. I'm sure you'll have be able to take these answers and
personalise them.
Hi Audrey,
I purchased your ebook and it was very informative. There were some great Q and A's.
I am happy to tell you I went to the group interview with Skywest on April 27th and
passed it! I was selected to do a one on one interview with the recruiters and I
received an email from them yesterday inviting me to training on May 26th. I would
like to thank you for writing the book and I am happy I purchased it.
                           - N. Brown (6 May 2011)
Airlines are hiring thousands of  Flight Attendants
How YOU can pass the interview and start your career in the world's most glamorous career