How to become a Flight Attendant
What does a Flight Attendant do?

It's important that you understand exactly what a Flight Attendant does. Maybe the job isn't for you and it will
help with your preparation for the Flight Attendant Interview later.

A Day in the life of a Flight Attendant  is a good place to research.

Part 2

Also look in the article section for some inspiring stories.
A step by step guide to becoming a Flight Attendant. If you don't know where to start on your
path to this fabulous career or you want to confirm you're doing the right things.
Follow the check list below
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Avoid disappointment. Check the minimum requirements

Airlines have minimum requirements for their Flight Attendants. These usually include height and weight
amongst other things.

Check the minimum requirements for Flight Attendants

If you purchase our ebook, a list of major airlines' cabin crew minimum entry criteria and application
procedures will also be included.

You may also find inspiration in Steph's story  Part 2  She will tell you how she wasn't quite tall enough. Yet
she persisted and made a attempt at the interview and managed to make it through. She happily flew for 7
Apply Online to the Airlines

Most Airlines have online sites where you can register your interest and submit your CV online.

The airline will then review your application and see if you fit their basic requirements. If you do, you will be
invited to either a group interview or Open Day in you area.

Other airlines have open days where you can just turn up and apply.

Check the airlines' websites for Open Day schedules.

Also try our
online application simulator that gives you a chance to see what a typical online application
Hi Audrey,

I purchased your ebook and it was very informative. There were some great Q and A's.
I am happy to tell you I went to the group interview with Skywest on April 27th and
passed it! I was selected to do a one on one interview with the recruiters and I
received an email from them yesterday inviting me to training on May 26th. I would
like to thank you for writing the book and I am happy I purchased it.
                                                                                         - N. Brown (6 May 2011)
Airlines are hiring thousands of  Flight Attendants
How YOU can pass the interview and start your career in the world's most glamorous career