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Becoming a Flight Attendant is the best decision you will ever make.

Imagine Meeting your best friends downstairs in the hotel lobby as you plan your day for
shopping in Paris.

Last week you saw the Pyramids - how awesome!  Next  week you'll be in sunny Hawaii with
2 free days (remember to pack your beach wear and bring along some sunscreen!!!).

Taking Mum to see the Great Wall of China is something she'll never forget and the upgrade
to business class ... the only way to travel!

When, from hundreds of applicants, you are chosen to become a Flight Attendant  it will the
best day of your life! It was for me when I passed and began my journey as a Flight Attendant
for a renowned airline and it will be for you if you’re prepared .

I went straight from school to working for an  International Airline , no need for expensive
Flight Attendant courses .

The Secrets to  becoming a Flight Attendant
Round 1 : Surviving the cut

The sad truth is most people who attend an open day or submit an application are doomed
from the start, they will be eliminated without a second thought because of some basic
mistakes and lack of preparation.  

By the way, usually you won’t find out why you bombed out, just asked to leave or not invited
for the next round. Airlines reject too many applicants and have insufficient resources to
contact every person they say NO to. You are then left wondering what you wrote wrong in
the applicant form or what terrible mistakes you've committed during an interview.

The good news is their loss is your gain because, If you are prepared and get the basics right,
the odds are in your favour.

What you need to know...

In this round its about not standing out for the wrong reasons. Sure you need to impress but
it’s about not getting noticed for the wrong reasons.

  • How to come correctly dressed for the Interview
  • How to style and make up tips
  • How you should act
  • What NOT to say or do

Following the tips contained in Flight Attendant interview guide should improve your chances
of survival to the next round dramatically!

Round 2 : Can I ask you a Question?

Once the number of applicants has been slashed (ouch) , the interviewers will begin to ask
questions in groups. Don't think you've already made it at this stage. Yes, you've crossed the
first hurdle but many can still crash out during the second stage.

These questions are designed to test whether you are suitable for the role of a Flight
Attendant and you should be familiar with the types of questions asked.  

The interviewers are looking for a particular kind of response that indicates you are the right
material to handle the unique job responsibilities of a Flight Attendant. They will read your
body language and how you behave in a group.

Your Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant  has many examples of actual Interview
questions that have been asked in past interviews.

All Questions come with example  answers with background about why these types of
questions are asked and what the Airline expects.

There are over 120 Questions that you can expect in an Interview and you can bet you’ll see
some asked word for word by the interviewers. There are also questions of physical/ medical/
age & language criteria concerns asked by people like you who aspire to one day be a Flight

Round 3 : and beyond Getting personal

Congratulations on getting this far! Now it’s a matter of impressing and not messing up a
response to a question.

This time you’ll be expected to answer difficult scenario questions.

Make a good impression here and you’re ready for take off. Don’t and you’ll crash and burn.

How to become a Flight Attendant

I spent over 3 years gathering examples of all the scenario questions from real Flight
Attendant Interviews
across many airlines. So you can get a real idea of what works.

I interviewed lots of successful applicants and discussed how they answered these questions .  
I also contacted friends and colleagues and discussed their interview tips, all obviously
successful in passing the Interview and becoming a Flight Attendant.

The offer : ready for take off

Trust me, getting an offer will be one of the most exciting days of your life. Compared to
passing the Interview, training is a breeze and your “batch Buddies” are bound to be
amongst your closest friends from now on.

How to become a Flight Attendant?

No fluff, no filler like how to layout a Food tray or Airport Codes, you’ll be taught all this and
more when you attendant the Flight Attendant training.  

Your Guide To Becoming A Flight Attendant is the only book that concentrates on one thing
getting you a job as a Flight Attendant .

Over 80 pages of questions and tips so you can pass the Flight Attendant interview.
Bonus 50 page ebook on  Minimum Requirements information for major airlines.

Priority Contact
- If you have concerns or want some tips before your big day
- email me...with a priority password.
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You'll Be Flying to Paris, Rio, Sydney Before You Know It!
Here's what our recent
successful reader
has to say about the ebook:
Hey Audrey,

I just want to say thank you for the book... I went
to an interview yesterday and I got the job.. All
the questions that they asked me they were all in
the book... I really appreciate it!

                                    - T. Arrais (19 Feb 2012)