It's not all fun and games as a Flight Attendant

Describe a time when you left a job because things weren’t working out. What happened?

Why this is a very important Flight Attendant question and how to answer it without eliminating
yourself from the selection
Questions used in Flight Attendant interviews
We have compiled a list of common Flight Attendant Interview questions. We supply what we think is a good
answer and provide a discussion on each of the questions.
Please send us any questions you have and we'll endeavour to answer them
Handling difficult passengers

Why do you think some passengers take their frustrations out on cabin crew, even though the cabin
crew are trying to help them?

All Flight Attendants experience difficult passengers - how would you deal with a passengers
A member of your Cabin Crew is being rude

What would you do if you saw one of your Flight Attendant colleagues being deliberately rude to a

I can only think of one correct way to answer this question....
Flight Attendant Diplomacy

What would you do if a commercially important passenger complained that another commercially
important passenger is snoring too loudly behind him?

Don't say you would smother your passenger with a pillow! do say this....
Cabin Crew  child's play

If, for example, there are 60 children on the flight, but you only have 40 toys. How would you deal
with this situation?

One great answer - plenty of bad ones which will you chose?
Pray you know the answer

What would you do if the seat belt signs were on and the aircraft is about to take off, but a
passenger insist that he has to kneel down to conduct his prayer due to religious reasons?

A Flight Attendant must be sensitive but there is one greater concern....
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Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your ebook. I just wanted to let you know that I was offered a
cabin crew position with Jetstar. After reading your book I really felt informed and
confident to answer the questions in the interview. Most of the questions that were
asked were variations of the questions in your book. I really felt prepared and I cant
thank you enough, it was money well spent!

                                                                              - M. McCulloch (13 July 2011)
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