What an Airline is looking for in a Flight Attendant

All airlines have an image of the type of person they want to hire as Cabin Crew.

If you know what the corporate image of the airline is then you’ll know what type of image to project at the Cabin Crew

Every member of an airline is a representative of the company and contributes to the corporate image the airline wants to
project. This influences the passengers’ overall opinion of the airline and helps them decide whether they will fly with the
same airline again.

So know the airline and you’ll know what image to project.

My suggestion is to visit the airline’s web site. You should do this anyway, it makes sense.

For the moment I don’t want you to think about specific airlines (maybe in another article or two) but what would be the ideal
corporate image for a Flight Attendant to represent. You should be a walking advertisement for the airline.

The Ideal image for an airline

•        Professionalism and Style

•        Warm, sincere and caring

•        Safe and efficient

•        The highest level of customer service.

•        Culturally aware

•        A home away from home

        So you need to display the corporate image at the Interview.

How do you reflect this corporate image? Well once again it has to do with appearances and communication.

Professionalism and Style

Appearance is an area where you can display an air of professionalism and style. Dress in a manner that suits the image of
the company.  In most cases this means some type of smart casual. Emphasis on smart . Make sure you at least know what
style you’re trying achieve.

•        No matter what make-up you chose to wear make sure it is applied well.

•        If you are wearing nail polish make sure it is not chipped or poorly applied.

•        Same with hair style; make sure it suits your face type and that it is well maintained.

Posture – stand like a Flight Attendant

The majority of communication is non-verbal , make sure you maintain a nice relaxed but poised posture whenever possible.

Interview days like flights can be long so a stretching routine may help your posture and is a good habit for when you’re
employed. Mr lean is very mean! You should never be caught leaning on things – bad image – lazy and uncaring.

Warm, Sincere and Caring

Listen to what the interviewer says.

Address them by name.

Don’t say “OK”  Say “yes” or “certainly” . In the aircraft you will be saying “certainly sir” quite a bit.

Don’t fold your arms or fidget; its hard but try not to be too nervous.

                                         NEVER LOSE YOUR TEMPER

Safe and efficient

Bit hard to demonstrate in an interview but don’t fail to mention any first aid background you have. Efficient is being
prepared. Have your resume, note pad, pen available. Be on time of course.

Culturally aware

Be aware of cultural differences between your country and others. For example know how to receive a business/name card if
one is handed to you in an Asian country.

Be aware of the culture of the host country of your airline. Maybe learn a few words of the language.

Home away from Home

Just relax and make the interviewer aware of your personality. This makes people feel at home.
What Airlines look for in a Flight Attendant
If you know what the corporate image of the airline you are going to interview with then you know what type
of image you should be displaying in the interview.
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Hi Audrey,
I purchased your ebook and it was very informative. There were some great Q and A's.
I am happy to tell you I went to the group interview with Skywest on April 27th and
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                           - N. Brown (6 May 2011)
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