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What is Dubai Like

Emirates airlines is based in Dubai so it's fairly important to understand
what sort of place Dubai is.

The first thing you should know about Dubai is that it is a rather
cosmopolitan despite being an Arab state. That's probably because of the
majority of its residents being foreigners.

It has the world's tallest tower Burj Khalifah and one of the world's most
expensive and iconic hotels, the Burj al Arab.

Dubai is a modern and progressive place and very tolerant of other cultures.

A few FAQs about Dubai.

Do women have to cover up in Dubai?

No, pretty much any sort of dress is acceptable , within reason, although
family values are promoted. You can wear bikinis on the beach.

Can I practise my religion in Dubai?

Yes , All nationalities and religions exist happily (except maybe in the traffic)
side by side. Church services, however, tend to be held on Fridays since it's
a holiday.

Is Dubai safe?

It is probably safer than where ever you are now. The crime rate is very low
and women walk around at all hours of the night without a problem.

That being said you should always practise caution where ever you go.

Can you drink alcohol in Dubai?

Yes you can. Technically you need to have a license and of course Muslims
are forbidden from drinking. There is a very active dance and night club
scene if you know where to go.

What is the weather like in Dubai?

Summer is very HOT! However the rest of the year is perfect for barbecues
and beach life. Winter temperatures can drop and it can be quite chilly in
the evenings believe it or not!

What is there to do in Dubai?

It's easier to list what you cannot do! There is shopping in the many world
class malls. All types of water sports are available and the world's largest
indoor Ski slope is an attraction to the young and old.
There is a sport or club for just about everything. As far as eating is
concerned there are hundreds of restaurants and you can eat just about
any meal you want. The local food is particularly good.
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