This is a short story about how I transformed
from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.
Yes, hard to believe for some of you but it
happened to me. It wasn't all peachy. In fact
it was a whole lot of hard work but it's certainly
paid off! Now as I look back, I'm so glad for my

I was a plain-looking gal with crooked teeth and
my parents couldn't afford to get me braces. I
also grew up in a home where my parents
swore all the time and brothers were... let's say
not brotherly. And because I went to a school
where English was a second language, I had
trouble speaking English without constantly pausing to search my memory bank for

I didn't want much in life until my first encounter with a flight attendant at the airport
nine years ago and she took my breath away! I recalled how elegant she looked and
walked like she had no legs but just glided through the tiled floor.

“Woooowwwww....” I whispered subconsciously and from that day on decided I
wanted to be just like her or as close as possible in my case.

Thanks to my thrifty nature, I managed to save my measly pocket money religiously
and enrolled in English courses. I also took up a part time job to pay for braces in a
government hospital where the cost is greatly subsidised. There was a two-year
waiting list but a small price to pay I thought.

After many visits to cosmetics counters in various malls and consulting the beauty
consultants, I've learned that beauty is an art that can be perfected. Of course I can
never look like an actress or model but I can use make-up to enhance certain good
features or hide bad ones. Hairstyles can play a big part in changing one's
appearance as well.

I started eating a healthy diet of plenty of fruit and vegetables which helped give me
a clear complexion, spotted a hairdo (with fringe to cover my high forehead) that
suited my face shape, endured three years (on top of the two years of waiting to get
them fitted) of pain the braces caused me, spent three nights in a week at the
English Learning Centre and another three washing dishes at a restaurant for 33

Finally it was time for me to try and get the job I've been grooming myself for. I went
to an Open Day and was thrilled to be invited to a second round interview a month
later! However, I didn't make it through the second round. I was disappointed but
happy at the same time as I didn't expect to get that far. Nonetheless, I was
determined to try and try again until I succeeded.

At last I did... at my fourth attempt.

I have been flying for four years now; loving every moment of it and looking forward
to many more years ahead! By the way, I took part in an internal pageant for Miss
Cabin Crew for which I was the third runner-up. That's when I knew I had turned into
a swan...

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Everyone can have a shot at this job. You
just need the right attitude, determination
and some preparation.
This is a story of how one person overcame obstacles to become a Flight Attendant.

Jane (not her real name) recounts the steps she took to get her dream job.
© A love 2008
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Dear Audrey!

Your book is very useful. I read it already. It helps me get an idea about the
interview and about the possible questions they will put. Thank you.

                                                                                   - Erika (20 Feb 2012)