After fifteen years as a Flight Attendant - one question - was it worth it

Has it been fifteen years? My, it seemed like just a while ago when I
nervously read the text the interviewers left on my seat in the hotel
ballroom where hundreds of young, aspiring flight attendant wannabes
queued and waited in line for their turn to be called.

Looking back at all of us hopefuls then with make-up poorly applied and
dressing sense which could be compared to our grannies, one must guess
how difficult a task the interviewers had at picking out potential Singapore

Nevertheless, they almost always managed remarkably well as the majority
of successful candidates usually graduate from the training school totally
transformed into some kind of “prototype”. I recall a comment from a
passenger saying,

“You girls all look the same. It’s like you came from the same factory.”

Indeed at first glance, we probably look similar. Many passengers have often
mistaken one crew for another and I can’t say I blame them. We were
invariably groomed by the same guidelines and did emerge from the same
training centre. Funny thing is, sometimes we don’t even recognize one
another with the hair down and no make-up when we’re overseas! Trust
me, some of us can look like a totally different person out of uniform. The
good news is, we tend to mature gracefully and I must say many of us
prefer the way we look now rather than the twenty-something unpolished

So what has working all these years working in an aluminium tube got me?
Certainly, there’s the unmistakable “travel around the world for free” notion.
Apart from that, the numerous interactions with people from different
nationalities have played a very important role in character development.
They say, nothing is as valuable as great experiences; being able to witness
diverse ways of life, taste assorted exotic cuisines (I’m a big fan of food, by
the way), learn about various different cultures and making friends all over
the world are some of the things I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life.

Of course, the monetary aspects are just as significant. The airline industry
pays well and if you are able to manage your finances well, it can prove to
be a comfortable place to build a career.
© A love 2008
Hi Audrey,

I purchased your ebook and it was very informative. There were some great Q and A's.
I am happy to tell you I went to the group interview with Skywest on April 27th and
passed it! I was selected to do a one on one interview with the recruiters and I
received an email from them yesterday inviting me to training on May 26th. I would
like to thank you for writing the book and I am happy I purchased it.

                                                                                            -N. Brown (6 May 2011)