A successful  Cabin Crew Interview
Flight Attendant Interview Experiences,
How to pass a Flight Attendant interview
In part two Steff gets talked into another interview for Singapore
airlines. Not having grown any since the last interview how did
she manage to become a Flight attendant?  
Interview Part 2

My second attempt was in 1999 after my I finished my diploma in La-Salle
College of the Arts. I was working as a free-lance designer. Although the
money wasn’t good, it helped to pay for my cell phone bills with a little left for
the rest of the month.

One fine day, a buddy called to inform me about another walk-in flight
attendant interview around the corner. Forgetting the embarrassment I put
myself through the last time, I was once again eager to have another go at it.
So that was it, my fate to fly as the famous Singapore Girl had been sealed.

The Day of the interview

So came the big day. I was up and ready by 7am- not good to be late for an
interview. I lived far from the interview venue but managed to arrive at the
destination way ahead of time. As usual, I had to look my best; wore a pair of
light grey pants matched with a white V-necked Lycra top and carried a white
shoulder bag. On my feet were my silver platform shoes which were the trend
back then.

Security was tight at the
Crew Training Centre and we had to be given
passes for admission. It was a huge facility that would soon be my school if I
got selected. I found my friend standing in a corner somewhere and together
we searched for the interview rooms.

The scene we found was similar to my previous experience with the sea of tall
girls but there were no neat rows of chairs, no stage, no high ceiling, just
clusters of flight attendant hopefuls standing around, waiting for somebody to
give them instructions for the next step.

Still the same height

At 9am sharp, a middle-age lady emerged and told us to stand in a single row
to have our heights measured.

Oh no, not again!

The word “height” gave me a bad feeling of déjà vu! I was hoping I could
somehow bluff my way through this time but I guess that was wishful thinking
on my side; knowing well height is one of the requirements. What on earth was
I thinking when I agreed to follow my friend for this interview? This time my
heart sank; no butterflies in my tummy but just frustrations.

I was upset with myself for being so foolish yet again! Immediately I turned to
my friend and whispered into her ear, “I don’t think I grew any taller since 1995
so I am leaving. Good luck!” She didn’t take it well and insisted that I stayed.
Of course I relented.

When it came to my turn, I was told to remove my shoes and stand up
straight again. I took a deep breath and heard, ‘Oh, your height is…………a little
less than the minimum requirement.’

I didn’t know what else to say but just thanked her and stepped into my
shoes. However, she grabbed my arm and said, “‘I will just note your height
(she circled it too!) on your application form and we’ll see how it goes.” I
managed to smile and thanked her again; this time I meant it.

Now that I’ve been given a second chance, the butterflies started to form in my

Not knowing what to expect next, I sat nervously for my name to be called
again. Hearing my name being called was funny, as it felt like being in a clinic.

So the next step was to read a text out loud like it’s supposed to be in an
announcement. It was at this point I found out that my friend had failed the
first round.

Such an irony that I made it through to the second hurdle instead of her.

The interview

Hearing my name being called out the third time sent chills down my spine!
During the long wait, I was getting more and more restless as my mind raced

‘What will he/she ask me?’, ‘
Am I dressed well?’,
‘Do I look ok?’,
‘Will my ‘stupid’ height be a problem?’ blah…blah…blah…

(All the scary questions you always ask yourself when you’re nervous)
Hmmm…I was going kuku (crazy!)

I greeted my interviewers upon entering the room like a well-mannered
student. I recall vividly one particular question my interviewer asked me,

“Being a free-lance designer, you must meet clients at times right? So do you
not wear make-up when you meet them?”

His question took me by surprise and then I realized I was in the room with my
interviewer, interviewing for the ‘famous Singapore girl’ without any make-up
on! Crap!
I have to think of a good excuse fast!

“Yes I do put on some light make-up when I meet clients but today I am here
for the Singapore Girl interview and I heard the company is very particular
about the complexion of its girls. So I decided to not apply make-up to prove
that I have good, clear complexion.”

Did I sound convincing enough?

During the course of the interview, my interviewer was constantly laughing and
smiling and that made me feel somewhat at ease. I was allowed to be relax.

I believe the trick was to behave as naturally as possible and not put up a
false front

Feeling confident that it all went well, I left the room smiling from ear to ear.
Making my interviewer happy was a task I took on naturally and by that time I
was sure that making passengers enjoy their flight would be a satisfying career
I could undertake.

I knew I was ¾ successful in this quest when I was later asked to return the
following week for a swimming test, a ‘meet and greet’ tea session with a few
managers and lastly a short presentation of a chosen topic.

Article Discussion
Stef managed to do what thousands of hopefuls aspire to and with a mark against her because of her
height. What are her secrets?
I think these are the attributes that helped Steff become a Flight Attendant

  • Not giving up - Coming back for a second interview showed that Stef was committed to becoming a
    Flight Attendant.
  • Staying positive, at least appearing to be.
  • Thanking the people she met during the open interview.
  • Thinking quick , her answer to why she wasn't wearing make-up shows how to turn a negative into a
  • Being able to relax during the interview and be herself.

Many thanks to Steff for the contribution!

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Hey Audrey,

I just want to say thank you for the book... I went to an interview yesterday and I
got the job.. All the questions that they asked me they were all in the book... I
really appreciate it!

                           - T. Arrais (19 Feb 2012)