My first time was back in 1995 after my ‘O’ levels. I read about Singapore Airlines
inviting girls ages 18-27 for the famous ‘Singapore Girl’ interview. So I thought what
the heck ‘no try, no know!

It was a busy Sunday afternoon with zombie-like people walking on the streets.
Holding my mother’s hand real tight, my heart was palpitating fast and my tummy
was filled with millions of butterflies as we entered the lobby of Mandarin Hotel. I
wore my best (a simple black knee length dress) and felt good about myself.

Greeted by the usual polite door man, I saw many other beautiful Singapore Girl
wannabes who were taller than I. Damn, I thought……am I the shortest? Without
thinking further, I proceeded to the 2nd floor of the hotel where the interview was
held. There was an empty reception desk so I wandered around looking for some
kind of application forms but there was none. So I popped my head into the small
gap of a door that was ajar.

“Oh, my goodness!” I froze on the spot seeing a thousand ladies inside seated in
neat rows, back facing me, all taking turns to walk up to the stage. Suddenly, I felt a
hard tap on my shoulder but before I could turn around, a loud thunderous voice
pierced my ears. “Have u taken your height?”

“Err…nope’ was my reply in a shaken up voice.

“Go take your height first, then fill up the application form!”

“Oh………thank you”

As I scanned the outside of the hall, I could see girls crying so hard on one another’
s shoulders and wondered if the interview was really that difficult. Almost giving up, I
decided to just give it my best since I was already there. When I spotted the
weighing machine, I took a deep breath and smiled to myself as I took my 1st step to
see the world. The lady in charge asked if I was there for the interview and told me
to remove my shoes and stand straight. I removed my heels, stood real straight on
the platform, feeling confident and beautiful.

“Sorry, your height is not enough to get you in for an interview, so you don’t need to
fill up the form.”

“WHAT??????” Am I that short? Trying my best not to look humiliated, I said my
thank you and walked away as quickly as I could. I ran towards my mother and gave
her the wide-eyed look. “They said I’m too short!”

My poor mother looked blankly at me not knowing how to reply. Then she managed
to say, “It’s ok, try again next time.”

“Yeah right, I wonder when’s the next time. It’s not likely I will grow another inch or so
within the next few months, mum!”

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A short Cabin Crew Interview Story
Flight Attendant Interview Experiences,
Minimum height requirements for cabin

Steff tells her sad tale of rejection at the open interview for cabin crew.

Part One - A short story on my first interview for a flight attendant position.

Don't worry too much Steff finally got a job as a flight attendant even though she was
too short! Shows that persistence pays off. See... it can be done!
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Last in line Steff
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Thank you for making the ebook available for hopefuls like me. I am going for an
interview this coming Saturday. As for now I personally find the book informative and
useful to prepare myself for the interview. It gives me an idea what to expect for the

                                                                               - Ella (25 May 2011)
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