Wanna be a Flight attendant?
Lets fly on routine trip to London....

Part I - Get me to the plane!

Day 1

5.30am Wake up. I said Wake UP!
I hate getting up so the 5:30am alarm has to be extra annoying for me but I have a 9
am flight to London so I have to move. Actually I’m pretty lucky as I live only 20
minutes from the airport so you can factor in an earlier wake up for my colleagues
who live further out.

Very quickly I jump in the shower as this always help to perk me up. After which I
moisturize generously as the plane is very dry and I’ll be on-board for hours. Then I
dry my hair and style it. Since me hair is long, I have to wear it up and the bun is the
easiest-as well as neatest- way to do so. I’m now very adept at creating this “do” so
it takes me only ten minutes.

5:40 am Make Up!
Make-up time and this has to be perfect so give me some time. There’s enough
technique and components here to create another article (I promise I will)
Basically my skin tone is categorized as “warm” so have to use the colour palette
suitable for it. Of course guidelines vary with Airline. This is taught in the grooming
sessions during training.

A quick run-down:
•        Eye Gel under eyes to prevent morning puffiness
•        Foundation. I prefer the 2-in1 compact from MAC
•        Eye brow pencil since my brows are almost non-existent
•        Mascara to “open” up my Asian eyes
•        Blusher for a healthy glow
•        Lipstick after breakfast

5:55 am Brekky
Time for breakfast, I woof down a piece of toast and a Milo (love my Milo). Now I can
put on my lipstick

6:05 am Dress Up!
Now I “slip” into my uniform which is very body fitting so I need to keep my weight just
right (hence minimal breakfast).

Packing : like Origami only harder.
My luggage is packed and I’m ready to go! How did I pack so fast? I do it the night
before of course. Packing your bag is a military operation; don’t forget anything
cause you can’t come home to get it. Some of my friends have a habit of starting
their packing a few days before a flight and keep adding things into their luggage bit
by bit. Personally I think it’s a waste of time.

What do I take? Well this is a 5-day London trip so I’ll have a decent stay there.
Once again there is an art to packing that deserves an article of its own.

My Big Blue Bag

My bag is a big Blue Samsonite- it’s indestructible! I swear they should put the black
box in a Samsonite.
So what goes into my Samsonite?
    •        3 days’ worth of clothes- Casual clothes for days off , and dependant on
    whether it’s Summer or winter

    •        Tracky Daks , or Tracksuit pants for the gym or slacking around the

    •        Underwear 4 pairs, meaning top and bottom. You see I’m quite anal in
    the sense that they have to be matching 

    •        Toiletries – never forget them! I found that they are the worst things to
    leave behind if you have sensitive skin and can only use certain products

    •        Emergency snacks should I get into the hotel too late to go out or just
    feel too lazy and wanna veg in (You tend to if you’ve flown for some time) My
    Milo of course is an essential part of my food stores.

    •        A book or two.

    •        My PS2 or PSP.if I’ve seen my destination a number of times. Since it’s
    London I’ll probably head out as there’s always lots to do and see. Besides, I
    have an ex-schoolmate residing there whom I meet every time I’m there.

Cabin Bag
I also have a cabin bag and I must take a change of shoes as you need covered
shoes for take –off and landing. Plus I must carry a set of formal travel clothes
should I be asked to take a seat instead of working (long story which I’ll explain
another time)

Changing and Saving Money
I’ve also exchanged half of my travel allowance to pounds. Allowance depends on
destination but I can survive on half and I get to save the other portion which is a big
bonus for Cabin Crew.

6.15 am Time to go!
I’m ready and have called a Cab.
I need to be at the Airport 2 hours
before the flight and I’ll explain why
in part two.

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