On the plane
On ground inside the aircraft
-before passengers board

I consider this the most physical part of the job. This is also the part where the
passengers don’t see; the not so glamorous side. Everyone is assigned a position with
specific duties with the common duty being the safety equipment checks.

Flight Attendant Duties

I have divided Flight Attendant  duties into the following:

The general girls’ duties

1.        Prepare towels- heat up half of the supplied amount and stow the other half in a

2.        Count the bags of headsets to ensure they are sufficient, put away those for the
return sector and position the ones for the flight.

3.        Dress toilets with cologne, moisturizer and amenities and ensure they are well
stocked with tissues and paper towels. Oh, spray with air freshener too.

4.        Prepare menu for distribution in-flight and dress magazine racks. Also display
newspapers for passengers to help themselves during boarding.

5.        Just prior to the boarding of passengers, a quick run down the aisles to ensure
seat belts are crossed and cabin is clean.

The general boys’ duties

1.        The galley tops are filled with food stores at this point. Put them away.

2.        Ensure all necessary serving equipment (Trays, cups, plates, cutlery, tongs, etc)
are supplied.

3.        Co-ordinate with the caterer and check that meals are sufficiently and correctly
catered. It is important to physically check them to ensure no mistakes are made as the
plane won’t turn back for any food left behind!

4.        Stock up the fridge.

5.        Place bread rolls in the warmer.

The general duties of the complex leaders and supervisor

1.        Sign for bar items

2.        Check duty-free sales cart

3.        Chill wines and beers

4.        Account for meal catered

5.        Assist subordinates where necessary

Boarding the Passengers

The ground staff comes in about 30 minutes prior to departure to ask if the cabin is
ready to receive passengers. We conduct the pre-boards first. These are the
unaccompanied minors, wheelchair users and other special cases. Very often, the female
crew will have to touch up their make-up at this point because of all the perspiration that’
s comes with all the running around and the male crew would comb their hair and wipe
off their sweat too. With the thumb up, the crew take their positions along the aisles
and at the doors and boarding begins.

On ground inside the aircraft-after passengers board

When the passengers take their first step into the aircraft, all they see are smiling faces
greeting them, not really knowing the hustle and bustle then went on inside the plane
the last half hour or so.

This is the part I least prefer. Finding baggage space on a full load is always a

Being petite, I usually leave it to the boys. Other tricky situations would be duplicate
seating, families separated or faulty seats.

Once all the passengers are seated and accounted for, the doors will be closed and they
will be offered warm towels to freshen up. They may also be given headsets if time

The first and Business class passengers get a different kind of service which I’ll touch on
in another topic.

On push back, the crew will arm the doors and the safety briefing will start. While the
safety video is on, no crew is allowed to walk along the aisles as this may distract the
passengers. The plane now taxis to the runway and gets ready for take-off.
What does a Flight Attendant do before the plane leaves the ground.
What checks are made by Cabin Crew before the plane takes off
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Boarding Passengers
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