What happens before a flight.
A behind the scenes look at what a flight attendant does before a plane takes off.
What's it like to board passengers
Reporting at the airport

I like arriving at the airport early so that I can
take my time to check in my luggage and  head
downstairs to my mail box (This can sometimes
be a nice moment when you receive goodies, an
offer to swap flights or even a note from an
admirer!). After that, there can be many other
stuff to do before the actual briefing starts.

This is the time to submit medical certificates,
leave request forms, go to the computers to
check the load and the aircraft’s parking bay,

This is also a time to meet your fellow crew if you don’t already know them. New crew
would take this opportunity to write down the crew’s names in their little notebook or
diary. You sometimes meet friends or crew you’ve flown with recently and start
chatting away and exchange work stories.

A few minutes to briefing is when everyone starts to head into the briefing rooms.
Here is the second round of handshakes if you haven’t done so outside. The
supervisor thus makes a head-count and after he is satisfied that he has the correct
crew complement, the briefing begins.

Some crew are terrified of this part because several supervisors are known to “test”
their crew’s work and product knowledge. I suppose it can be rather embarrassing if
you are unable to answer the questions thrown at you.

All aspects of the flight are covered here. The profile of the passengers, the service
procedure, any irregularities or special VIP notification, the weather at destination,
updated hotel information are shared and discussed.

Work positions are allocated and everyone gives an input of his/her previous flight
experience or shares a tip in general. Many times, the briefing gets carried away and
we have to rush off to the aircraft. Depending on the load, ground preparation of
aircraft can be time consuming. If you’re unlucky, the plane is parked at the end of
the terminal which means miles or footwork!

When you arrive at the gate, your carry-ons get a second screening and then you
walk through the aerobridge and step into the all-too-familiar aircraft smell!
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Airlines are hiring thousands of  Flight Attendants
How YOU can pass the interview and start your career in the world's most glamorous career
Dear Audrey,

I had my interview on 4th October and… I have been successful! I want to THANK
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                                                                                - C. Zeccola (10 Oct 2011)
Reporting at the Airport
A Flight Attendant Prepares For Take Off