Attitude - The most important thing to start any job is to have the correct attitude. With
that you can go a long way and have a rewarding and satisfying career. In the airline, there
are many variables and unexpected. Since not every flight is the same, having the right
positive attitude will help you approach each situation favourably.

Beauty - It's true that when people think about flight attendants, 'pretty' comes to mind.
However, many fail to realise that inner beauty is more important and will somewhat make
you glow.

Caring- This characteristics is almost a must-have. Otherwise, the passenger may seem
like the enemy. People without this nature almost always complain about passengers being
demanding whenever they make requests; however small they may be.

Dedication- Believe me when I tell you that passengers can pick up signals from your
actions. They can tell how dedicated or committed to the job you are.

Empathy- goes hand-in-hand with compassion. If you have compassion, it's easier for you
to put yourself in another person's position. And many times you'll need to do that to be able
to understand the many different types of passengers you'll come across.

Flair- The flair we're talking about here is the ability to play host and make others feel
comfortable and welcomed.

Grace- is ever a wonderful gift to have. I say gift because it is something that is difficult to

Humility- Especially important in the initial months/ years of interaction with colleagues.
When you are still new and trying to learn the ropes, you may need to eat hundreds of
humble pies because no one wants to teach a snob; let alone take one under his wing.

Initiative- A great practice to have when dealing with both fellow crew members and
passengers. Taking the initiative equates to thoughtfulness and nobody ever said that isn't a

Juggler- Don't laugh! You will be required to multi-task quite often and more so when there
is a shortage of crew alongside a full plane load. Fix 2 Martinis and bring to passengers at
61A & C, along the way hand the diaper kit to the mother and get stopped by 46D because
his TV screen blanked out.

Kind- Wouldn't you like to hear a passenger comment, “Why, thank you. That's very
kind of you?” Guess I needn't elaborate on this point :-)

Likable- It pays to be likable because you can be forgiven easily for your mistakes and
trust me, there will be mistakes!

Manners- There is a saying... Courtesy helps us to remember our manners, not
necessarily in a traditional formalized sense, but in the way we regularly and sincerely
express gratitude, thoughtfully acknowledge feelings, and offer true hospitality. Courtesy
facilitates successful interaction and negotiation, generously laying a foundation for
understanding and harmony.

Neighbourly- I'm not asking you to invite people into your home but you certainly can if
you want to. Being neighbourly is being friendly and that can also mean being
approachable which is a quality that is desired in the service industry.

Organized- This is a skill that will help you maintain a well-balanced lifestyle amidst a  
career with irregular work hours which take you away from home 50% of the time. You
need much organization to keep you sane, as well as, in touch with family and friends.

Punctuality- If this is an area you're not good at then you need to seriously do something
about it. All airlines are strict with this requirement for obvious reasons: aircrafts need to take
off on time!

Quick-wit- Perhaps this is just a 'good-to-have' quality. It sure helps during conversations
with passengers sometimes.

Responsible- You should always be responsible for your own actions; admit it when you
make a mistake, learn from it and try not to repeat it; especially so when you wish to have a
long career in the airline.

Smiles- go a long, long way. “There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile
speaks them all.”

Tact- Everyone in the service industry should exercise tact. It is important to do so when
delivering bad news or declining a request. There really isn't much skill involved; simply
apply choice of words appropriately.

Unselfishness- Once you put others before yourself, your selfless actions will be greatly
appreciated by both passengers and fellow colleagues.

Vivacious- This personality will certain brighten up any cabin and passengers will
immediately know they are going to have a good flight.

Warmth- Nothing feels as welcoming or comforting than a warm smile coming from a
person exuding warmth. This persona can calm a nervous passenger, cheer up an upset one
and also turn an angry passenger around. Yes, it's that powerful!

X-factor- The reason why it's called “X” is because it's difficult to describe. And because it
varies with different people, subjects, elements, situations, etc., it's just a universal term used
to illustrate a quality or feature.

Youthfulness- is an aura both young and old can possess. It is something more
psychological than physical. Happiness is the key to youthfulness in most cases.

Zeal- With zeal comes enthusiasm and devotion... all qualities of an excellent flight
© A love 2008
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Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your ebook. I just wanted to let you know that I was
offered a cabin crew position with Jetstar. After reading your book I really felt
informed and confident to answer the questions in the interview. Most of the
questions that were asked were variations of the questions in your book. I really
felt prepared and I cant thank you enough, it was money well spent!

                                                            - M. McCulloch (13 July 2011)
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